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- You're still doing the same pecs, bi's and tri's program you were doing in high school

- Your strength gains have plateaued

- You jump from program to program with lack of direction 

- Are struggling with motivation and want to set new goals and personal records

- You feel frustrated or overwhelmed by trying to design a program for yourself and want a tried and tested, evidence -based approach guaranteed to get you real results

- You want to learn how to truly master the squat, bench and deadlift 

- You want to be strong for life


Train with Competitive Powerlifter Sam Butterworth.  
Sam has developed a specialised 8 week program designed to master the squat, bench and deadlift, hit new personal records and experience staggering strength development in a motivated, small group training environment.

Starts Saturday June 8th.

Limited spots available.

Powerlifting Seminar, Testing and Goal setting session

Effective goal setting is THE most important thing to do when beginning any new program. Having a clear goal in mind helps you get through those hard days of training and informs how you make decisions and prioritise things like sleep, social activities, training and nutrition.

Break through your plateaus

With a personalised program, every rep and set will be planned out for you, Train more efficiently and be hitting numbers you thought were a dream.

Improve your mobility

The best lifters in the world are pedantic about their mobility. Restore proper range of motion to your joints and you will move bigger weights, reduce injury risk and move better

Train with likeminded, motivated people

Together with 5 others looking to 10x their strength and hit new personal records, you'll motivate one another to put in 100% at every session.

Learn optimal nutrition strategies for strength

Learn how to fuel your body pre- and post- training to get the best out of your session and recover quicker and stronger.


In 2 dedicated small group sessions, for 8 weeks we will focus on the big 3 lifts. These are the ultimate compound lifts. They develop a staggering, functional strength and contribute to a rock hard core and athletic physique. 

You'll notice an absence of vanity and 'beach muscle' work- but you'll also notice a growing arm circumference and a leaner torso. 

You'll train using a mathematically calculated, evidenced-based, personal lifting program. Every rep and set is planned for you. Absolutely no guess work. You'll receive personal technical analysis and coaching, provided by an accredited powerlifting coach.

You'll begin with a technique seminar and goal setting session- we'll cement your goals, assess your current maximal lifts, body composition and discuss weak points. We'll be testing you periodically to track your progress and make adjustments if required.

It's not all barbells and bumper plates! Nerd out on nutrition and learn the ins and outs of how to create and build an effective nutrition strategy for strength training with a Strength and Performance Nutrition Guide.

And because we all really like reading, we've developed a step by step guide on what mobility exercises you should be doing to decrease risk of injury, increase range of motion and improve your performance on the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. 

Squat. Bench.



Enhance your technique 

Learn to move the barbell efficiently. Understand the basics of power lifting technique so you can get the most out of every lift. Get focussed, expert attention from a competitive Australian powerlifter. 


Tell me how much!






"What can I say about the big 3.... just do it! The challenge both physically and mentally that you go through is an unbelievable feeling of achievement. Reaching my powerlifting goals including a 100kg deadlift wouldn’t have happened without having Sam support me through the entire 8 weeks. Thanks Sam!"

Zoy Sullivan

"Sam’s Big 3 Program was just what I needed to mix up my training. Sam created a great training environment and brought the energy and motivation to each of the sessions. Never have I added that much weight to all 3 lifts in such a short time. Well designed and easy to follow program that made me want to do it all over again"

Clint Edwards

"The benefits of strength training are second to none and mastering the technique of the BIG 3, the Squat, the Bench and the Deadlift is no mean feat. If you want to learn from one of the best Junior Powerlifters in the country then I encourage  you to have a crack at Sam’s BIG 3. It promises all kind’s of gains!"

Simon Butterworth

Sam has such a positive attitude and was extremely respectful of my age and shoulder limitations, yet he still got me safely benching (almost) my bodyweight! He pushed me every time, in a healthy and productive way, and I could feel and see the results at the end of only 6 weeks. He kept track of my workouts so always knew what my progress was each week too (when I couldn’t even remember). Sam’s tremendous coaching and support whilst making it fun at the same time, ensured we all had a laugh and there was so much encouragement for each other every session. If you are serious about getting stronger then this is the program to do just that.

Jo Ballard

This has been a great experience that not only helped me increase my lifting but has also helped me feel more comfortable and confident with the lifts as well. After hurting my back last year, I was very hesitant to deadlift especially at heavy weights. However this program took me from doing a scared 40kg on initial testing day to a final weight of 135 kg.

Liam Hegarty